Mechanical Lab Equipment List and their Uses

Mechanical Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Machines improve our life, and mechanical engineers understand the working of machines and improvise them to further raise the productivity of machines. Mechanical engineers and students need mechanical lab equipment to learn about the mechanics of machines. This includes understanding:

  • How do machine parts move?
  • How do machines work?
  • How are they constructed?

Mechanical lab equipment is also used to test theories and models.
Having an in sight of all these questions requires all kinds of mechanical lab equipment from expert mechanical lab equipment manufacturers, Atico India.

Mechanical Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Atico India, the most renowned and reliable mechanical lab equipment manufacturer, plays a significant role in the scientific and industrial communities. We design, produce, and market advanced and latest mechanical laboratory equipment that helps scientists and mechanical engineers conduct their research and pave the way for innovation.

General Function Of Our Mechanical Lab Equipment

  • Measurement and calculation
  • Control and automation
  • Process analysis

Mechanical lab equipment manufacturers manufacture a wide range of equipment in this category. Mechanical engineering is a complex branch of engineering; thus, the equipment used equally ranges from simple to complex.

Mechanical Lab Equipment List And Their Uses

When working in a mechanical lab, you’ll need various pieces of equipment to help you with your experiments. This equipment can include tools, machines, and other lab equipment.
This article lists some of the essential mechanical lab equipment and its uses. We’ll also provide a brief explanation of each item on the list.

Compound Screw Jack

Use: compound screw jack lifts heavy objects in a mechanical lab. A compound screw jack consists of two screws connected by a pivot point. It allows the screws to rotate in either direction, making lifting an object easier.

Process Control Simulator

Use: In mechanical engineering, process control is the discipline that deals with optimizing manufacturing processes. Using a process control simulator when developing or testing a new manufacturing process is essential because it allows you to simulate the effects of various variables on the process.

Wireless Network Coordinator Trainer

Use: The Wireless Network Coordinator Trainer is a valuable tool for mechanical labs. It can teach students the basics of wireless networking and how to use routers and switches. The trainer provided by mechanical lab equipment suppliers is easy to use and customizable.

AC Position Control System Using PID

Use: AC position control system in a mechanical lab is a common way to keep the machine in the desired position. PID controllers determine the exact time and amount of fuel needed to maintain a particular position or orientation in space. This information is then used to control the engine or other motors.

Lead and Lag Compensation

Use: In a mechanical lab, it is essential to use Lead and Lag Compensation to avoid problems with timing. Lead and Lag Compensation refers to the practice of adjusting the timing of a machine or device so that it operates in sync with another machine or device that is having its timing changed. Problems can occur when two machines have different timing requirements, leading to inaccuracies in the output. By compensating for lead and lag, you can ensure that your result is always accurate.

Transfer Function of AC Servo Motor

Use: The transfer function of an AC servo motor is essential in the mechanical lab to control the robot’s movement. The transfer function describes the relationship between the servo motor’s input voltage and output speed.
Transfer Function of DC Servo Motor
Use: A transfer function converts an input signal into a useful output signal. It is helpful in situations where you need to control an electric or mechanical device. The transfer function is used with a DC servo motor to help control its motion.
Much more equipment is manufactured and supplied by mechanical lab equipment manufacturers. Some of these are:

  • Chilled Water Refrigeration System Control Trainer
  • SCADA System Heat Transfer Lab
  • SCADA System Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement
  • Projectile Motion
  • Advanced Digital Logic Lab
  • Digital Logic Lab
  • Basic Electricity Circuit Lab
  • Electric Circuits Lab
  • Digital Analog Training System
  • Advanced Digital Training System

For more information and a detailed description of the mechanical lab equipment, kindly contact suppliers. Our team shall assist in the best possible way before you invest in quality mechanical engineering equipment.

Mechanical Lab Equipment Exporters

Atico India’s Mechanical Lab Equipment Exporters division works with Mechanical Engineers to help them find the right equipment for their projects. We help find the best option for the project based on the specifications.
We provide everything from high-end equipment to basic supplies so that laboratories can focus on their work and not worry about the machinery they use. Mechanical lab equipment exporters can help labs save money by providing the right equipment at the right price.



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