Educational Lab Equipment Suppliers in Dubai

Educational Lab Equipment suppliers

There is a need for educational lab equipment in Dubai because the city is constantly growing and changing. New schools and universities are being built, and the existing schools are always looking for ways to improve their teaching methods. Educational lab equipment can help teachers teach more effectively by providing them with the tools they need to conduct experiments. There are various educational lab equipment suppliers in Dubai, but one supplier has stood amongst the rest in its expertise in supplying an excellent equipment range, Atico India.

Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturers

There is a growing need for Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturers. Schools increasingly use various educational lab equipment to conduct experiments, research, and understand different subjects. The way demand for educational lab equipment is growing, and it is expected that the global market for these types of products is expected to grow at a rate of 7% over the next five years.

The educational lab equipment supplied by Atico India stands a cut above the rest for the following reasons:


Atico India manufactures educational equipment that is reliable and easy to use. It comes across as the most excellent choice for teachers and students.

Value To Learning

It has various useful features that make it ideal for teaching different subjects. Our entire equipment range is designed in such a way that it facilitates learning at every step.

High Accuracy

Products are designed with precision and accuracy in mind. It means that they will work perfectly every time, without fail.
The equipment bears the highest quality and is designed to meet the specific needs of each school. We have ensured that the equipment supports learning for every student so that the students receive the best possible education, regardless of location.

Widest Equipment Range

Atico India provides a wide range of products used in classrooms, labs, and other learning spaces. There is the right product with us for your curriculum needs. If you’re looking for quality educational lab equipment that will prove to be an excellent long-term investment, then Atico India is the company.
We not only have a wide range of products to choose from, but we are constantly updating our lineup to keep up with the latest trends.

Educational Lab Equipment Suppliers in Dubai

The need for the leading educational Lab Equipment Suppliers is due to the ever-growing number of courses offered and the ever-expanding range of technology used in classrooms.
Some popular educational lab equipment products include computers, printers, scanners, microscopes, and more. Let us give our clients a glimpse of the equipment we supply in the educational lab equipment category.
Educational Lab Equipment List

biology lab equipment

  • Biology Lab Equipments includes:
  1. Botany Models
  2. Dissecting Equipment
  3. Educational Charts
  4. Environmental Instruments
  5. Human Anatomy Model
  6. Microtomes And Staining
  7. Zoology Models


chemistry lab equipment

  • Chemistry Lab Equipments includes:
  1. Basins And Crucibles
  2. Burners
  3. Cork And Tubing
  4. Filter Papers
  5. Gas Preparation
  6. Laboratory Brushes & Instruments
  7. Laboratory Spatulas
  8. Retort Stand
  9. Test Tubes Stands
  10. Whiteboard & Boards


laboratory glassware

  • Laboratory Glassware includes:
  1. Adapters
  2. Beakers
  3. Burette
  4. Centrifuge Tubes
  5. Condensers
  6. Flasks
  7. Fractionating Columns
  8. Standard Joints
  9. Stoppers


laboratory microscopes

  • Lab Microscopes include:
  1. Binocular Microscopes
  2. Elementary Microscopes
  3. Fluorescence Microscopes
  4. Laboratory Microscope
  5. Metallurgical Microscope
  6. Microscope Accessories
  7. Projection Microscope
  8. Research Microscopes
  9. Stereo Microscopes


Mathematics Lab kits

  • Mathematics Lab Kit includes:
  1. Base Ten Block
  2. Geometric Shapes
  3. Mathematics Kit
  4. Maths Wooden Products


physics lab equipment

  • Physics Lab Equipment
  1. Electrical Instruments
  2. Electricity Laboratory Instruments
  3. Electronics Instruments
  4. Electrostatic Instruments
  5. Meteorology Earth Science

Schools keen to procure educational lab equipment must share their requirements subject-wise. Educational lab equipment manufacturers provide a vast range of educational equipment, and it becomes necessary to supply and deliver the equipment as per the requirements shared by schools and every educational institution to have no issues in the future.

Educational Lab Equipment Exporters

Lab equipment is an essential part of any school or laboratory. However, due to the high demand for lab equipment, manufacturers have had to increase the prices of their products. This has made it difficult for schools and laboratories to afford the necessary equipment. Fortunately, many Educational Lab Equipment Exporters like Atico India are helping schools and laboratories purchase quality equipment at the most affordable prices.

We specialize in exporting lab equipment to different countries, so their labs have the most advanced and updated lab equipment. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of different types of schools and laboratories.

If you are looking for Educational Lab Equipment Suppliers who can provide you with quality equipment at affordable prices, then you should contact us, Atico India, today.



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